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    Surveillance can be utilised in number of different scenarios. At OJT Investigations Group, we make sure that your scenario gets a unique package to ensure results are achieved, not only in a timely manner, but to a high-class standard.

    To date OJT Investigations Group works on behalf of some of the largest law firms in Queensland and throughout Australia. We have been recognised as a company that cares, a company that takes the time to listen to your problems and make sure we understand thoroughly what your setting out to achieve.

    Engaging a Brisbane Private Investigator to follow your loved one because you believe their cheating on you can be an overwhelming and very emotional course of action to take. However, if you need peace of mind and closure to what you believe is going on, we’ll sit down with you and not only sell you an excellent product, but take you through the steps of what’s going on the entire duration you engage us.

    We don’t pass judgement on whether your loved one is engaging in this behaviour, we provide you with the evidence for you to be able to make that judgement yourself.

    OJT Investigation Groups Managing Director, Oliver Laurence is well versed in surveillance techniques, and the art of remaining 100% discreet to achieve the desired results, all at the same time as being undetected. These skills are passed directly onto his team, providing consistency and 100% customer satisfaction.

    Oliver’s handpicked team understand the importance they play in your life at this moment of high stress and anxiety. The important thing we want you to do, is to maintain a normal state of behaviour, easier said than done, but we can discuss coping mechanisms and signs to look out for from your partner should you believe that they’re not being faithful. We offer a free consultation to anyone wanting to engage OJT Investigations Group in any form of surveillance work. However, we don’t just cover infidelity surveillance, we cover; Scenarios;

    • Predictable sick leave
    • Work cover injuries
    • Employee theft
    • Document service of hard to locate clients
    • Bullying and Harassment
    • Child and Family matters
    • Divorce surveillance
    • Missing persons
    • Child Abductions


    At OJT Investigations Group we conduct surveillance operations throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, all over Australia and overseas. It is quite often not thought of how effective surveillance can be to answer unsolved questions or to even produce the evidence needed to solve a matter quickly.

    So as to assist you in your thought process, here are a few scenarios where surveillance has proved critical in the success of a few of our operations.

    Criminal Defence Matters

    You’ve been found guilty of a serious offence or are awaiting trial for a matter before the court. As part of the prosecution brief, it is alleged that the offence took place in a quiet isolated location which formed the basis of what is alleged to be a pre-mediated crime.
    Your defence counsel wants to show that the location where the offence took place was not isolated, nor was it a quiet location. This is where OJT Investigations Group can assist. Surveillance isn’t just to catch cheating spouses or watch over those that might faking an injury.

    We can deploy our agents at OJT Investigations Group to attend this location and compile video evidence admissible in the courts which could show the very density of the traffic flowing in this area. Along with other investigative methods for such a scenario this can give a great insight into the area where this alleged offence occurred. At OJT Investigations Group, we are able to deploy 24 hours, 7 days a week, in fact surveillance is often required outside normal working hours, so please don’t be concerned by this aspect. There is never any additional cost because of the time of night we have to deploy.

    Infidelity Investigations

    Considered by most investigative agencies to be the most emotionally vulnerable time for any client seeking these services at OJT Investigations Group we will support you the entire time you engage in our services.

    In this scenario your husband, wife or partner is behaving strange, behaviours you haven’t witnessed before. Their abrupt with you and arguments start from nothing. You also see that their phone bill has the same number appearing again and again. You call it, and a person unknown to you answers.

    What do you do?

    To seek out investigators to ascertain if your loved one is being unfaithful is one of the hardest decisions to make, however, such a discreet service like the one offered by OJT Investigations Group may bring the answers you’re so desperate to find out.
    Again, our operators at OJT Investigations Group will deploy at any time of the day or night and will update you throughout the process. Intelligence led deployments are the key to making sure we gather the evidence you need if it exists. We rely on your guidance as to when it is best to deploy so as to ensure the deployments not only meet our objectives but are cost effective.
    At OJT Investigations Group most of our infidelity clients don’t want reports at the conclusion of an operation for fear of their loved on finding out the services of an investigator where used. This is fine, we can provide you with verbal updates as the operation progresses.

    However, at OJT Investigations Group we will maintain video evidence for you, should you wish to challenge your loved one as to their actions and behaviours we have captured.

    Every couple has their own idea on what is acceptable behaviour outside of the home when in the company of others. Its important that we convey to you what we see, you can then determine whether the person we are following has crossed the boundaries that exist in your relationship.

    End of Contract Agreements

    You’ve recently stood down your business development manager. Due to concerns they could take some of your business, you get them to sign a contract outlining they will not engage in that line of work for the next 12 months.
    You ascertain that not even a week has gone by and you hear from your tradesman that the person has already poached a couple of contracts you tendered for.

    In breach of the contract they signed with you, you immediately approach your solicitor about the matter. They tell you, you need evidence to show the contract has been breached and significant loss has resulted.

    This is where OJT Investigations Group come in to play. We can provide you with the evidence that the individual is engaged in these services contraries to your contractual agreement. We will sit down and look at the intelligence that we have to ensure our deployments are effective and ensure that we have every opportunity to capture the evidence that we need to ensure a successful civil case against the accused.

    To find out more about our services at OJT Investigations Group contact us today for further information.

    How we do it?

    We can’t reveal our secrets, but what we can tell you is that all our operatives are fully qualified and licensed to operate in Queensland and all around Australia. They all use state of the art recording equipment to ensure that the best results are obtained every time. These records along with detailed reports are passed onto you after completion of the assignment.

    Our vehicles are equipped with some of the most advanced in car technology to record and capture a person’s movements in their motor vehicle.

    We also install and monitor state of the art vehicle GPS tracking systems so we can plan well before implementing any static surveillance. Saving you time and money.

    Our surveillance operatives are from some of the most sort after backgrounds that are available to this industry, such as Military, Police, Lawyers, Government officials and highly qualified professions.
    It is important to remember that to undertake this line of work, one must hold a certificate III in Investigative Services and hold an accredited licence issued by the State that their operating in.

    Not only does Oliver hold a Certificate III in Investigative Services, but also a myriad of other industry qualifications in the field of investigation and surveillance.

    We cater for every scenario and use both female and male operatives to suit the scenario and environment that we’re presented with. What we won’t do is create a scenario for a person to fail in.

    Contact our office today for a no obligation free quote. We guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed and we tailor our response to your financial situation at the time. At the end of the surveillance period, within 24hrs you’ll have a report compiled by the operative along with the surveillance captured on DVD for you to review and assess.


    “Oliver’s empathy towards me and constant communication with me made the situation I found myself in just that little bit better to deal with. Surveillance on my husband of 25 years was a service I never saw myself needing, however, Oliver was a mentor to me throughout the situation and his honesty, integrity, and willingness to go that extra step for an outcome was unquestionable.”