Premium Multi Purpose Broad Band Bug Detector

We are proud to offer the RFD-5 a professional grade broadband bug and listening device detector with a sweep range of 0.52 MHz up to 25 GHz.


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Introducing The RFD-5 Multipurpose RF Bug Detector

If you want an effective detector that is reasonably easy to use and pretty much covers all the risks, we strongly recommend this unit

We are proud to offer the RFD-5. A highly sensitive wide-band bug detector for listening devices, wireless cameras up to a massive 25GHz, This is a top of the range broadband bug detector and is one of the limited range of professional grade bug detectors that will detect bugs also known as listening devices up to the 25GHz range
Current hi tech bugs and listening devices cannot hide from the RFD-5.

This is the best RF detector if you want to do serious bug sweep work .Once you have used it a couple of time you will develop an affinity to the unit and you will enjoy doing your bug sweep work with the aid of this top of the range supersensitive RF bug and listening device detector. Used by Business owners, senior executives, Private Investigators, Bug Sweep Operatives, Security Managers in the Public and Government Sectors.

There are two basic solutions to prevent eavesdropping: electronic sweeping and permanent protection. RFD-5 is designed for professional electronic sweeping and additionally it allows even a non-specialist to achieve basic permanent protection. In today’s hi tech threat environments the RFD-5 is an essential affordable top of the range, state of the art security tool.

RFD-5 RF Bug Detectors main features are:

  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
  • High frequency range (detection up to 25GHz)
  • Short pulse detection, peak level memory
  • Interference filters
  • Audio signal demodulation
  • Geiger click indication
  • 4-way signal strength indication (bar, numerical, delayed bar, peak)
  • Detecting all radio devices including digital encoded
  • Detecting spread spectrum, hopping and pulse transmissions
  • Detecting mobile phones and computers (including manipulated devices)
  • Permanent protection: events recording (including time and signal level)
  • RF background elimination
  • Possibility to calculate bug radiated power and distance
  • Low power consumption, long battery life
Pocket Size Yes
Commercial Yes
Grade Professional
Telephone Tap Detection Yes
Hidden Camera Detection Yes
Mobile Phone Detection Yes
Frequency Range Up to 25GHz
Digital LCD Display Yes
Silent Detection Yes