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    Document Service & Property Recovery

    OJT Investigations Group not only Investigate matters for legal profession but we also asset in the location of people subject to document service and ensure that they are served with the documents in a timely manner.

    Our rates are cost-effective way for all organisations and corporations to effect the service of documents pursuant to legal requirements or for commercial convenience. OJT Investigations Group collects the documents from the office of the law firm or corporation and obtains instructions for service of the documents. Following the service of the documents, OJT Investigations Group returns the documents to the office together with a sworn Affidavit of Service.

    It is not uncommon for people who are expecting service of documents to evade process service. Our skilled team has a high success rate for service of documents upon difficult subjects

    Documents can be issued for a variety of different reasons:

    • Letters of demand
    • Divorce papers
    • Financial documents
    • Subpoena’s
    • Criminal Court documents
    • Family Court matter documents

    OJT Investigations Group has operators throughout Queensland and Australia who can serve all documents and produce affidavits of service.

    In civil matters, private process servers like those at OJT Investigations Group are used throughout many Court jurisdictions of the world, including Queensland. It is the process server’s role to witness the service of process and to swear an affidavit of service.

    The affidavit of service is then filed at the relevant Court and it is the evidence that due process has taken place. The service of process must be affected by a process server who is not party to the litigation and is usually employed by the Plaintiff/Applicant or the Plaintiff/Applicants Solicitors.

    The process servers used must be credible, reliable, professional and compliant with industry laws and guidelines and the respective Courts requirements. Our process servers at OJT Investigations Group have excellent skills in writing reports and affidavits which comply with various Court rules in each jurisdiction. The process server must also be experienced in handling conflict, have a keen eye for detail and be experienced enough to recognize when a defendant is avoiding service. The process server also needs excellent communication skills and an eye for detail. At OJT Investigations Group our process servers have been engaging in these services for many years and are well accustomed to their role and what is required to meet the needs and expectations of the client.

    Our team at OJT Investigations Group has a long history in the process service industry. Our years of experience alone means we are able to draw upon superior human resources, industry leadership and extensive knowledge in respect to any aspect of process serving.

    Our Brisbane and Queensland Process Servers are experienced, reliable, friendly and form a professional team. Each of our Process Servers has met our stringent pre-requisites to become a welcome member of our OJT Investigations Group process service network across Brisbane and Queensland.

    We are an excellent resource to legal community and our services are used extensively by legal firms throughout Australia.

    Process Serving Brisbane and Australia

    Do you need legal documents served in Brisbane? OJT Investigations Group can assist with our professional process serving solutions. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. If you contact us with an urgent servicing need we’ll assist you without delay. As part of our service, we can organise an OJT Investigations Group Agent to collect the legal documents from your location to be served. With a Commissioner for Declarations and Justice of the Peace available to us as staff members, you can rest assured that your process serving needs will be taken care of promptly. To find out more about OJT Investigations Group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Service of Legal Documents

    Expert knowledge of our industry and its legal requirements means OJT Investigations Group is the preferred agent for all process matters. Based in the Brisbane Metropolitan area and on the Gold Coast, we aim to action all files within 24 – 48 hrs and have a result within 7 days.

    We make unlimited attempts at service until we have served the defendant, cleared out the address, or we are satisfied the occupants are avoiding service. We are dedicated to ensuring that all documents are served in accordance with the necessary court rules. Together with our network of country agents we are able to offer a competitive and quality service of legal documents in all Queensland regions as well as Australia wide. With our vast network of agents overseas via the World Association of Detectives we are also able to ensure overseas documents are also executed in a timely manner.

    All files are updated on a regular basis. We document each attendance accurately and forward interim reports to our clients and advise if a delay is expected for any particular matter. We aim to keep you, the client informed as to the progress of your files.

    Need urgent service of documents?

    If there is a matter that requires urgent service, we can have an agent from OJT Investigations Group attend at your office to collect the documents and proceed with service as a matter of priority.

    Affidavits are returned without delay, due to our Commissioner for Declarations and Justice of the Peace on staff.


    Our office provides an affidavit of service with every matter, as part of our service. We understand the significance of correctly sworn affidavits and we maintain high quality standards in this regard.
    We have a Commissioner for Declarations and a Justice of the Peace on staff to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients.

    Contact us today and entrust us with the documents that you need served in quick and efficient manner.


    OJT Investigations Group has now moved to ground breaking repossession operations globally. We investigate, locate and repossess luxury vehicles, multi-million dollar yachts and aircraft. Our team of experts, which includes pilots, captains and experienced drivers will move with our team quickly to secure your asset anywhere in the world.

    OJT Investigations Group has a large network of investigators all around the world who assist in these operations. A delicate operation requires total professionalism. We are that answer for your repossession needs.

    Our Group managing director Oliver Laurence oversees all these operations closely and ensures that quick deadlines are met.