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Leveraging the most comprehensive and detail-oriented problem-solving techniques, our expert private investigators in Sydney specialise in unearthing the truth in a tactful way. Our forte lies in gathering factual evidence in the form of precise data which fits the needs and budgets of all individuals and businesses with ease.

  • Professional Approach
  • Fully Licensed
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality
  • Highly–Skilled Investigators
  • Foolproof Evidence
  • Absolute Discretion
  • Experienced And Intuitive
  • Methodical
  • Well-Recognised And Reliable
  • Proven Techniques
  • Attention To Detail
  • Round-The-Clock Availability
  • Integrity And Sensitivity
  • Affordable
  • Hassle-Free
  • Quick Turnaround Time
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We Dig A Little Deeper To Achieve Quick And Insightful Results Objectively And Sensitively!

Whether you need evidence to prove your innocence or confront your partner, OJT Investigations Group saves your precious time and effort by discovering the truth discreetly and quickly, guiding you through the entire process.


What Makes Us the Best Private Investigation Company in Sydney?

We understand that finding evidence in a mysterious situation or a criminal case is no easy feet. That is why we spare no effort in putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find out the exact truth and connect the dots. Our seasoned private investigators have the expertise, intelligence, and knowledge to unleash the facts without harming your integrity. We aim to achieve 100% client satisfaction by utilising our proven and advanced investigative methodologies. Our specialities include:

  • Research-based investigation.
  • The use of state-of-the-art technology.
  • Protecting client information.
  • Discretion in sensitive issues.
  • Collation of all-inclusive evidence.
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Proud To Be Associated With The Best In The Industry

Besides being a reputable and reliable name, we have many feathers in our cap such as being members of these esteemed investigation bodies.

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Our Serivces

Our broad range of customised services makes us stand apart from the competitors in Sydney for showcasing unparalleled precision and accuracy. We specialise in carefully planning the investigation in an inconspicuous style that doesn’t ruffle any feathers and provides the best possible results which accomplish the desired goals.

  • Surveillance/Aerial Operations

    Our experts are armed with the latest technological gadgets and utilise advanced surveillance devices to unravel the hidden proofs. Additionally, we are trained to conduct discreet aerial operations which provide significant results.

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  • Criminal Defence

    Whether you have been falsely accused of a crime or need evidence for a fair trial, consult our criminal defence investigations team in Sydney today.

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  • Infidelity Investigations

    Cheating partners can bring your world crumbling down. If you need evidence to confirm your doubts, then we can be your trusted undercover allies.

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  • Elder Abuse

    The vulnerable elderly often become the victims of vicious sexual and physical abuse. We help the ageing to find the perpetrators and get them convicted in stipulated time.

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  • Counterfeit and IP

    Cheap imitations or fake branded products ruin the economy and the original company. Our dedicated team of investigators in Sydney protects businesses from counterfeit products and IP thefts taking place at retail stores and online markets.

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  • Missing Person Specialists

    A loved one getting lost can be a heart-wrenching experience. We help to track down missing persons in Australia or anywhere across the globe.

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  • Statement Takings

    We specialise in recording statements of witnesses in a variety of cases. Our keen observers pick up the subtlest of hints that can turn the tables in an important case.

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  • Information Security

    The digital era has brought a series of data theft and cyber crimes to the forefront. Our trained professionals have the skills to secure IT information of a company.

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  • Background Checks

    Need to verify about the past of an individual? We conduct background screening of people in a professional and careful manner to provide valuable information to our clients which helps them to form the right perception about the person.

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Let us help you in finding answers to baffling questions related to individuals and businesses.

Other Services

We do not rest until we have uncovered the truth. Our far-reaching client base speaks volumes about our professionalism and knack for conducting the most advanced investigative operations. Here are some of our expert services:

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