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With decade long law enforcement experience in a diverse facet of the legal industry, OJT Investigations Group goes above and beyond the expectations of all their clients to ensure they achieve the desired outcomes, which are accurate and remain confidential. Your privacy is our upmost priority, and we thrive in it.

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An Award-Winning Investigation Agency in the Gold Coast!


We offer a diverse range of investigation services in the Gold Coast, including background checks, missing person searches, bank account information, telephone number searches, civil and criminal records searches, bankruptcies, information security and online investigation and much more.

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Why we are the Best Private Investigators in the Gold Coast


The founder of OJT Investigations Group, Oliver Laurence is a well respected private investigator and part of the World Association of Detectives (WAD). Oliver uses his expertise and experiences to deliver the best possible results. OJT Investigations Group possesses a vast network of experts who have been pioneering towards solving high-value extortion matters, resolving complex Information Security issues for small, medium and large businesses. Our well qualified in-house team driven by Oliver’s leadership is what made us what we are today.

  • 01 Former Detectives
  • 02 Research Analysts
  • 03 Computer Forensic Experts
  • 04 Former Uniformed Police Officers
  • 05 Crises Management Experts

Our Ingrained Services


With customer-centric approach and irrefutable results, we pride ourselves in offering a whole gamut of private investigation services across the Gold Coast and its surrounding suburbs. Our services are ranging from:

Infidelity Investigations

Our highly confidential infidelity investigation team ensure that your matter is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We ensure that we obtain the results that you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not your partner is not faithful. We are there to support you throughout the investigation.


At OJT Investigations Group, we endeavour to take statements from witnesses for a variety of different matters, such as plaintiff, criminal defence, family law court and insurance matters to name just a few. We conduct this process in a safe and comfortable environment.

Missing Person Specialists

At OJT Investigations Group our missing person investigation team work round the clock to help you solve or find the disappearance of a loved one or friend. We also locate persons for court matters, bad debtors or persons who have moved to the Gold Coast or Australia from overseas.

Criminal Defence

OJT Investigations Group was formed on the back of criminal defence investigations with the sole aim of supporting those imprisoned unfairly on bad or non-existing evidence. We strive on finding the answers to some of the most complex matters. There is never a guarantee of the answers, but a guarantee of effort in trying to find the answers.

Counterfeit & IP

Our active involvement in counterfeit and IP theft investigations range from online shopping purchases to local in-house purchases in shops all across the Gold Coast. The way we go about our work is critical in ensuring evidence is obtained to secure successful prosecutions of persons engaging in illegal activities.

Background Checks

Our Gold Coast research team deal in fast, confidential and reliable background screening of persons. We ensure the information we obtain allows you to make an informed decision about potential court matters, employment or business partnerships. Our checks are thorough and quickly executed.

Elder Abuse

We investigate an array of allegations made against persons who may be or have committed elder abuse. We provide advice and guidance as to how best resolve these issues in a quick and efficient manner. We obtain evidence which can be used to report to the appropriate authorities the allegations which have been alleged and potentially substantiated.

Information Security Services

Are you concerned about your company’s IT security? Let our private investigators assist you in meeting the high-standard IT security needs of your company. We ensure that vulnerable threats and malicious activities won’t steal your credential information related to your business.


We, at OJT Investigations Group, ensure that you will get exclusive and 100 % reliable surveillance and aerial operation services to help you achieve desired results in a timely manner. We find decisive evidence and solve the matter as quickly as possible.

We are Proud Members of Worldwide Private Investigation Group


Being members of world-recognised investigation bodies, we take immense pride in creating a group of professionals who can lead from the front and get the most out of their investigation with 100 % accurate results.

Other Services


OJT Investigations Group offers Gold Coast’s best and thorough investigation services to the reputed client base.

Infidelity Investigations

We are the number 1 infidelity investigation agency that goes beyond every detail and helps you find the evidence that is attached to your husband, wife, girlfriend and boyfriend’s cheating status. We keep our investigation process confidential and work thoroughly to help you find whether your partner is cheating on you. Our highly-trained private investigators believe in offering instant and precise evidence that can save you from making wrong decisions. Contact us now and get a free consultation from our professional team of investigators on the Gold Coast.

Security Services

Being a leading investigation company in the Gold Coast, we provide high-standard, ex-military and quality security services, ranging from residential security assessment, child protection, bodyguard services, and asset and high-value goods protection solutions across the town. With the aim to protect your family, precious possessions and goods, we have driven towards the world-class equipment, CCTV cameras with alarm systems and recruited the highly experienced security team because we care for you.

Bug Sweeping

Is someone listening in to your secret conversation? If someone is spying on you, then contact OJT Investigations Group now. We have equipped with the latest bug sweeping and investigation technologies that will give you 100 % safe, secure and reliable evidence to help you get out of this situation. We use the world’s best de-bugging equipment to detect any suspected object that may be stealing your information. Our highly-trained private investigators Gold Coast follow the process thoroughly and keep your sensitive information intact.

Crisis Management Team

The dedication, endurance and precision we inherited in our Crisis management team can handle unexpected, and Crisis situations with responsibility. We take our job very seriously with the sole objective to professionally deal with extortion and blackmailing, threats, stalking, kidnap attempt, misleading media coverage and other matters across the Gold Coast. We keep our clients away from media coverage while providing them with a fast, confidential and progressive investigation. We deal every case with supreme delicacy!

Criminal Defence

Our foundations are laid on Criminal Defence Investigations because we are equipped with private investigators team who work actively for our clients who are either imprisoned or awaiting trial for allegations. We give them an opportunity to prove themselves by taking their statements and finding relevant evidence that may either discharge them from their conviction or let them pursue an appeal avenue. We don’t provide any legal advice to our clients, but we search for the evidence and statements that allow our client to get fair justice.


OJT Investigations Group has lifted their standard of strategies to discover decisive evidence using our top-notch surveillance service. We ensure that your scenario get a customised package to help you achieve desired outcomes within a given timeframe. We work on behalf of the leading law organisations across Gold Coast, Queensland and throughout Australia with the sole aim to solve your problems with 100 % confidential approach. Our well-versed surveillance techniques and streamlined investigation procedure can give you a chance to see the truth and head towards the right direction. If you want professional and customer-driven Surveillance, contact our experienced private investigator now.


At OJT Investigations Group, we pride ourselves in providing top-class investigation services across the Gold Coast. We also take statements from witnesses in relation to different issues, such as family court matters, civil matters, criminal defence, workplace matters, missing person issues and traffic crash matters that usually plays a decisive role in the court. Our professional approach and long-decade experience in taking statements in an array of different matters always helped us in discovering the key elements that our clients required in a precise manner. Call us now to know more about our investigation services.

Missing Persons

We, at OJT Investigations Group, are backed by a high-trained team of investigators and intelligence analysts who work hard to pursue informative leads across Australia as well as overseas to help locate the missing persons. Our team of experts conducts a world-class investigation strategy to find your loved ones who are missing for days or even years. We are proudly aligned with some of the fantastic strategic partners across the globe, including Hong Kong, London and New York to resolve missing person operations while investigating overseas.

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Get in touch for a confidential consultation with one of our reputed private investigators. We would love to take your queries, understand your case and solve your issue without disclosing your identity.