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We, at OJT Investigations Group, are committed to offering professional, efficient, and foolproof investigation services in a legal, confidential and cost-efficient manner. Our highly-skilled team of private investigators is equipped to crack even the most baffling of cases in the required timeline and within the regulatory framework. Our forte lies in using high-end technologies and professional expertise to dig out the evidence in a discreet manner to assist our clients in a variety of personal, business and legal matters.

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  • Progressive and Authentic Investigation
  • Peerless Professionalism
  • Complete Surveillance
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  • 100% Discreet Solutions
  • 99% Success Rate Reports
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Our team of experienced and proficient investigators are adept at carefully gathering, storing and presenting evidence which is perfect for any legal, personal, or corporate forum to validate or reject any allegation. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services including missing person search, background checks, criminal defence, bug sweeping, information security investigations and much more.

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Our Expertise. Our Team. Our Strength


Under the expert guidance of Oliver Laurence, founder and director of OJT Investigations Group, the agency has built a credible reputation in the domestic and commercial markets of Brisbane, Queensland. OJT’s private investigators are known for conducting a fair, reliable, confidential and progressive investigation in a variety of matters. The company boasts of a network of talented professionals who have spent decades in decoding puzzling mysteries and have resolved thousands of social and legal cases for clients. Our team is our strength, and we take immense pride in its talent and accomplishments!

  • Former Detectives
  • Research Analysts
  • Computer Forensic Experts
  • Former Uniformed Police Officers
  • Crisis Management Experts

Our Investigation Services


Our team of private investigators in Brisbane strives to offer a broad range of investigation services leveraging modern technologies, top-notch surveillance equipment, and unbeatable prowess. Our solutions include:


We provide confidential and affordable surveillance and aerial operations using cutting-edge drone technology and high-tech techniques. Our impeccable investigation process and discretion in collection of the evidence helps clients to get out of any adverse situation without any hassles.

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Elder Abuse

At OJT Investigations Group, we work with utmost integrity and respect to assist ageing people who are the victims of elder abuse. We make sure that they get the fastest justice using a well-driven investigative approach and a thorough search guarantee. We leave no stone unturned in identifying the suspect and collecting evidence to support the legal matter.

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Counterfeit & IP

Our top-notch counterfeit and IP theft investigation involves scrutiny of online shopping sites and buying of goods from physical stores across Brisbane that helps in finding solid proofs. We ensure that businesses do not lose money through the sale of counterfeit products or intellectual property rights infringement through our unparalleled research and inquiry.

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Criminal Defence

We, at OJT Investigations Group, aim at assisting those who are charged with false allegations. We search for the answers that help our clients get discharged from their conviction or allow them to undertake a fair trial.

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Infidelity Investigations

Is your partner having an extramarital affair? Do you want to find out the truth? Contact our private investigators in Brisbane. We conduct strictly confidential, reliable, and discreet infidelity investigation to provide relevant proof and irrefutable evidence.

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Missing Person Specialists

If someone in your family is missing, you must immediately contact OJT Investigations Group. We are Brisbane’s most trusted private investigation company that specialises in discovering missing persons with a 99% success rate guarantee.

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Statement Takings

Being one of the most trusted investigation agencies in Brisbane, we provide unmatched service in recording statements of witnesses in accidents, theft incidents, or people assisting in the investigation process. We are dedicated to finding the truth for our clients.

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Security Services

Experience the unobtrusive and discreet security services with us. We possess a highly-experienced team of private investigators, bodyguards and security specialists to protect your family, and high-value goods from threats using world-class technologies.

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Background Checks

We take pride in our team of detectives and private investigators who conduct fast, reliable and detailed background checks to put you in the driver’s seat and help you make the right decision. We assist our clients in finding the real identity of a person by uncovering the truth. Call us now for comprehensive background check services.

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We are proud members of world’s most recognised private investigator bodies!

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Other Bespoke Services


OJT Investigations Group offers thorough and discreet investigation services related to diverse legal, domestic and commercial matters that need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Infidelity Investigations
With a decade-long experience in the private investigation industry, we pride ourselves in offering Brisbane’s best infidelity investigation service which is precise and confidential. If you have become suspicious of your partner’s activities and want to know why he/she is showing less interest in you, then contact our professional private investigators in Brisbane today. We keep our research confidential and provide evidence that can help you arrive at the right decision. Call us now and get a free consultation from our private investigator in Brisbane.
Crisis Management Team
Our professionally-trained and quick-witted crisis management team leads from the front, and bravely handles any crisis related to extortion, blackmailing, stalking, kidnapping, threats, and more. Our CMT team believes in protecting each of our clients and ensures that they get 100% confidential, progressive, and robust investigation supported with irrefutable evidence. Give us a call now and get a free and confidential consultation from our private investigator.
Bug Sweeping
Bugging is one of the modern-age techniques to intercept private calls, secret communications, instant messaging, video conferences, emails, and even fax transmissions. If you believe that someone is keeping a close eye on you, then contact one of our representatives today. We use cutting-edge bug sweeping technologies to provide fast, safe, and relevant evidence that helps in debugging your credential information with ease. Our methods can easily trace down the suspected object that might be intercepting your conversation. You need to provide us with the details of your case, and we will keep your sensitive personal and organisational information safe with us.
Criminal Defence
Our in-house team of investigators conducts criminal defence investigations with utmost care and responsibility. We assist people who are either charged with deceitful allegations or imprisoned to get out of the adverse situations. Our main objective is to give them a chance to prove their innocence, and that’s why we collect relevant evidence and take statements from witnesses without interfering in a police investigation. We work for our clients and ensure that they get justice in court.
OJT Investigations Group has taken a step forward towards leveraging the latest investigation technologies to detect evidence and provide 100% satisfactory results. Our cutting-edge surveillance techniques and extremely safe investigation procedures ensure the best possible results promptly. Our experienced team works on behalf of some of the recognised law firms in Brisbane to solve various matters with extreme determination. We cover a range of scenarios including work cover injuries, employee theft, issues of child and family, missing persons, divorce surveillance, predictable sick leave, bullying and harassment and others for our potential clients.
Missing Persons
OJT Investigations Group possesses a certified and highly-potential team of private investigators and detectives who have years of experience in finding out missing persons. We work closely with our aligned partners and look for the leads that can help us reach that missing person with ease. Our association with leading strategic firms across the world including London, New York, and Hong King enable us to relocate the person who may have been missing for days, months or even years in Australia or overseas. We take care of every aspect and make sure you get your loved one back in a safe environment.
Security Services
From residential security assessments to bodyguard services, child protection to asset and high-value goods protection, OJT Investigations Group offers a comprehensive range of security services to help you get high-level of security without any compromise. Our security services keep your family and valuable possessions safe from various threats because we care for you. With the superior assistance of our investigating team and high-end equipment, we make sure you will get 100 % discreet and desired results. For more details about our security services, call us now.
At OJT Investigations Group, we incorporate end-to-end investigation solutions, including taking statements from our clients to help them get out of the false allegations. We don’t interrupt police investigations, but we strive to record statements from those witnesses who know anything about that specific matter. We interview people to let them share their information in relation to the array of issues such as civil matters, criminal defence, family court matters, workplace matters, traffic crash matters and missing person issues with the sole aim to find out the truth for our clients.

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