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    OJT Investigations Group Investigational Services

    OJT Investigations Group is a leading investigative agency on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Acting on behalf of some of the largest legal firms in Queensland and Australia, OJT Investigations Group prides itself on the high quality investigations that it’s investigators carry out day in day out. Not only for commercial clients but private clients facing significant allegations for both civil and criminal matters.

    Law Firm Support

    Our investigators are experienced at providing evidence at every level of Court and have been routinely designated by the Courts as “expert witnesses”.

    Record Search

    We have the capability to conduct in depth searches throughout Australia.Our investigations are extremely discrete and our findings are completely confidential.

    Family Issues

    Family issues and custody matters can be the most emotional, and challenging time in your life. Let our investigators who possess the expertise assist you.


    Our investigators are highly trained professionals who have the experience and expertise to locate your lost or hidden assets.

    Investigational Services

    OJT Investigations Group is a leading investigative agency with Brisbane private investigators and Gold Coast investigators. We work on behalf of some of the largest legal practitioners and private clients investigating the following matters.

    • High Profile Missing persons
    • Arsons
    • Bullying and Harassment
    • Work place injuries
    • Sick leave / time sheet fraud
    • Investigative background checks
    • Pre-employee checks
    • New business partner investigation/due diligence

    We work closely with work site investigators, human resources departments, legal practitioners and the police to assist where we can in ensuring that matters are dealt with in an appropriate manner.

    Professionals at Work

    OJT Investigations Group has been instrumental in achieving great outcomes for people who have been badly injured at work and sought compensation through the legal system. OJT Investigations Group have assisted in compiling evidence such as but not limited to; surveillance, statements, photos, scene diagrams and CCTV downloads and reports.

    Our ability to conduct these investigations comes from years of experience and the ability to approach people and obtain information lawfully with them feeling comfortable dealing with our investigators.

    OJT Investigations Groups founder and managing director Oliver Laurence oversees every investigation that takes place and ensures that all the elements that have been asked to be met are done so to a very high standard.

    OJT Investigations Group has assisted with protracted investigations from oversees, as a member of the World Association of Detectives and Association of British Investigators. Oliver has links to many contacts around the world who can assist in any fact finding or information gathering that needs to be done. OJT Investigation Group regularly receives requests from the USA, Canada, France and the UK to assist in investigations