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    Infidelity Investigations

    For people involved with cheating partners, there is often a feeling that something just isn’t right long before any type of confirmation is found. If this is a situation that you find yourself in don’t dismiss your intuition as simple paranoia or jealousy.

    Instead, pay attention to it because many times our subconscious mind will be able to pick up on things that we may not be completely aware of. So does this mean that you should confront your spouse and tell them that you suspect that they are cheating on you? No, this is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

    First, if you are wrong this type of accusation can do serious damage to your relationship. Second, most cheating partners won’t admit what they are doing when they are confronted unless you have proof that you show them.

    So, to avoid making a false accusation, and to get the proof you need to confront them, you need help from a private investigator.

    Here at OJT Investigations Group, we care about each and every client that comes to us. We won’t judge you, instead, we will listen and then explain to you what we can do to help you.

    Our highly experienced investigators have a number of approaches they can take to find out once and for all if your spouse is cheating on you. If it turns out that you are wrong, then you will have the peace of mind of knowing the truth without ever having had to tell your spouse of your suspicions.

    If it turns out that you were right, our investigators will provide you with the proof you need to show that your spouse is definitely being unfaithful. You can then use this information in any way that you see fit.

    Whether it’s to confront your spouse and then try to work out your differences, or to use it in court when filing for divorce, the information we provide you should prove to be very useful.

    OJT Investigations Group enjoys a stellar reputation in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Their investigators can help you get to the bottom of your suspicions so that you can quit being a victim.

    The unfortunate truth is that cheating partners are all too common, and the spouse is generally the last person to know.

    If you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithfully you are probably experiencing a lot of emotions, right now it’s important that you keep those emotions in check and proceed rationally.

    It will be challenging, but if you allow your anger to get the best of you then things will only get worse. Instead of lashing out or confronting your spouse speak with us first. When you do we can put together a plan to quickly find out whether or not your suspicions are true.

    Then you can move forward confident that you know the whole story. While you may not want to know the truth, the reality is that if you are the victim of a cheating spouse you are much better off knowing about it than living obliviously to their deceptive behaviour.

    What services can we offer? Well at OJT Investigations Group we can do all of the following;


    We can deploy to any location, not only in every State of Australia, but also internationally, our operatives are all fully licensed and their professionalism unquestionable.

    Our objective is always to capture what you need for peace of mind, and at the same time remaining totally discreet. Your partner will never know we were around. We supply all footage and reports as part of the service that you pay for, and we keep you updated throughout the deployment of our agents.

    Our deployments are captured on a variety of different platforms, from covert cameras, to in car cameras, to hand held HD recorders. We have the latest equipment to ensure the evidence we obtain can be viewed and is of the best quality.

    Social Media Analysis

    Are you concerned that your loved one has a far greater social media presence than you’ve been told about? Are you concerned they have other Facebook profiles or Twitter accounts which they are using to communicate with people you know nothing about.

    Are you concerned that your partner is active on dating websites and being unfaithful whilst your away? Let us conduct a detailed and covert operation to locate them, gather the evidence you need to move on with your life and confront them about their behaviours. We will keep updated the entire way through the investigation. This a traumatic experience and we will support you the whole way through it.

    Bug Sweeping

    You may think that your partner is paranoid that your cheating on them and has hidden cameras and listening devices installed in your property whilst your away. With state of the art bug sweeping equipment, we can pick up quickly any foreign devices installed in your property.

    Bug’s don’t just get placed in your home, but they can be placed anywhere; your car, your phone, your laptop or in or around your clothing.

    We can also discuss installing this equipment into your home as well, if you are concerned that whilst your away on business, your partner is having uninvited guests attend your home.