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    Frequently Asked Questions

    On a daily basis staff at OJT Investigations Group take calls from clients and members of the public interested in our services. The private investigation industry covers several different areas which may or may not assist you in your matter. We have put together a series of frequently asked questions we get. We hope these frequently asked questions aid you in some of your decision-making processes. Of course, if these questions don’t help, please feel free to contact us today to find out more.

    Yes! we can help. This is a dreadful situation to be in, and one that we are here to support you through at OJT Investigations Group. The process in gathering information which inevitably either proves your beliefs or negates them can be difficult to navigate.

    We will commence our work by firstly meeting with you discreetly to ascertain a full picture of what’s been going on between you and your partner and find out why it is you think your loved one is being unfaithful.

    From here we have a number of options which we will discuss with you to hopefully ensure a quick resolution.

    Our services at OJT Investigations Group are consistent with other providers, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our products and services meet the needs and expectations of our clients whatever their situation. We understand all our clients have different budgets, and we cater to this.

    At OJT Investigations Group we ensure that all our work is ethical, lawful and fair. The court’s decision to impose a Domestic Violence Order whether in Australia or oversees is a very serious matter. Orders are made to protect persons both male and female from further acts of violence. Our director is a former Queensland and South Australian Police Officer and will NOT conduct any locates or investigations for persons who are the named respondent/s or aggrieved listed in a current and active domestic violence order, no matter how high the fee being offered.

    Yes, in Queensland only one party has to have knowledge of the recording equipment. However, these laws change drastically in other States where it is against the law. Make sure you do your homework before engaging in these covert acts. Call OJT Investigations Group for further information.

    OJT Investigations Group was founded on criminal defence work. With a strong background in policing, there is nothing more we find exciting than receiving a new complex matter to try and piece together for our clients. We can never guarantee that we will find the golden nugget which could enviabtly award one a re trial, however, we have a fantastic team of former criminal investigators and very senior police officers who know where the clues are likely to be to assist you. At OJT Investigations Group we have teamed up strategically with some great legal minds. However, we are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice at any stage of our investigations.

    At OJT Investigations Group we have an on-call Crisis Management Team who deal specifically with emergency situations right around the globe. If you need us, we are here to assist ASAP. At OJT Investigations Group we are aligned with some of the best agencies around world who can assist us until we can be by your side. Whether it be close protection, media issues or a sudden deployment of surveillance assets. We will sort it for you.

    Yes, we have a large network of process servers right across Australia and overseas. Our costs do vary depending on the document and the location. Again though, we are very competitive.

    Of course we will. Advice is free and if we can do anything to help we will. However, we will never run a joint investigation with another agency or law enforcement.

    Surveillance can be very challenging and in some circumstances, we do loose our targets. Sometimes its intentional if we think the subject being followed is being evasive. On most occasions its because of high traffic density, traffic lights, the manner of driving of the subject or other external factors. An example of our success to date; we have maintained surveillance on a target for 13 weeks undetected. It is of note that not even some law enforcement surveillance teams can achieve this.

    No we do not refund money if we lose a Subject. This is part of the risks associated with surveillance which we discuss with you prior to deployment. However, if we do on a rare occasion lose a Subject, we ensure that the remaining time allocated is used towards another deployment.

    Our minimum surveillance deployments are 4 hours. However, we will on occasions negotiate this if required.

    Yes, we will ask for full payment to be made prior to any investigation being carried out. We often call this a retainer fee or the full fee. All this will be discussed during our discussions of the services being provided.

    At OJT Investigations Group we carry out corporate and private background checks for clients in Australia and around the Globe. We have clients who seek us out from New York, London, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Europe. We are the go to organisation for quality and thorough due diligence checks.

    Yes, we can, it is not illegal to place a GPS tracker on your registered vehicle. However, not being licensed to carry out surveillance duties or investigations. You can find yourself falling into the category of stalking should you place the tracker on someone else’s vehicle.

    We currently stock a wide range of GPS trackers which come with everything you need to install onto your own vehicle. Contact us today for a pricing schedule.

    During our surveillance deployments, it is very hard to give live updates because of the concentration levels needed to ensure we do a professional job. So during these critical times we will not make contact. We will advise you prior to our deployment and after the deployment of what the status of the investigation is and how we are progressing. Full reports are provided on the full conclusion of the investigation.

    Prisoners at all Queensland Correctional Centres can have our on-call number added to their approved call list. We will receive a call from the nominated Gaol for approval. Once this approval is made prisoners are given 10-minute calls. During this time, we will arrange the initial enquiries and from there ascertain if an attendance is required. It is of note that each prisoner has to get approval for our attendance and that as private investigators we are not considered legal visits. These visits are time consuming and will be charged accordingly.

    Schoolies time is a busy period for us at OJT Investigations Group. We are readily available to assist all parents with any requests they may have. We have travelled to Bali with celebrating grade 12’s, Surfers Paradise and New South Wales. We have also provided close personal protection discreetly to the children of high net worth clients. Call us to discuss your needs today.

    At OJT Investigations Group your standing in the community does not alter our privacy levels. We ensure that all our clients details, problems or concerns that they have brought to us remain 100% locked down. We look after some of the wealthiest people in Australia. Part of our working relationship with these clients is that our team signs and agrees to a non-disclosure agreement whenever we take on more sensitive investigations. This gives our clients that extra level of protection they want to ensure their information is not shared, and we are happy to sign these agreements.