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Elder Abuse Investigations

It is a given fact that ageing people, irrespective of their cultural background or gender, can easily fall prey to elder abuse. Older people generally become victims of assaults, physical or sexual, when they become dependent on others for care in institutions like care facilities or hospitals. It is the dependence that makes the elderly extremely vulnerable to neglect or abuse by individuals who they are supposed to trust.

Just like any other abuse, people subject to elder abuse are highly reluctant to talk about it, and may either be too weak or too frightened to do so. Their silence is the reason why such abuse goes unreported, and nothing can be done about it. The Government has laid down specific guidelines and rules for protecting older people from elder abuse, but first you will need to investigate and prove that an elderly individual is being abused.

That is where OJT Investigations Group comes in. We have the professional expertise as well as experience in uncovering such abuse backed by strong evidence. Family members who are concerned about their aging loved ones’ being abused can come to us for help, so that the victim can find a voice in us to bring to light unspeakable things happening to them.

Types of Abuse Inflicted on Older People:

If you know any elderly person being assaulted in one or more of the following ways, it is high time you take action to stop it:

Sexual- Coercing an older individual into undesirable sexual activity, or trading care provision with sexual favours, or use of language that is socially offending

Physical- Hitting or rough handling, shoving and pushing, restraining, using medication for sedating

Financial- exploiting finances, restraining any knowledge about bank balance, compelling changes in legal documents, selling off property

Psychological or emotional- Name calling, belittling, shouting

It can be frustrating not being able to help a loved one suffering from abuse, which is why you should immediately resort to investigation to uncover all that’s going on and bring it to an end.

The Need to Investigate Elder Abuse:

Investigation in this case involves the following steps:

Determination of the occurrence of abuse

Identification of the abuser(s)

Collection as well as documentation of all evidence to support the abuse allegations

Providing the proof of the occurrence of abuse to appropriate law enforcement bodies

Providing the evidence to the client/victim to support any legal proceedings

Removing the victim from the existing abusive environment as well as safeguarding him/her from abuse in future

OJT Investigations Group Expertise in Elder Abuse:

As the leading private investigation service provider on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, we have professionally experienced investigators who know exactly how to unearth strong evidence in elder abuse cases.

We will not only investigate, but will also assess as well as verify the abuse so that your loved one does not have to suffer any more.

At OJT Investigations Group, we incorporate the most advanced and motivated investigation services in the most professional manner which enables us to find solid proof for elder abuse and help you save your ageing loved one from any further ill-treatment.