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    OJT Investigations is pleased to announce that from Mid 2017 aerial drone operations will become a part of the OJT Grp. We are already fielding enquiries from such providers as;

    • Real Estate Agents
    • Agricultural Operators
    • Construction Companies
    • Surveyors
    • Legal Firms
    • Emergency Services (CFS)
    • Sporting Event organisers
    • Golf Courses and Resort owners
    • Air Conditioning and Roofing Inspectors

    Sport and sporting events are ideally suited to our creative approach. Visualise slow motion aerial footage of athletes or your favourite sporting event. With our new waterproof drones a variety of water encounters can be filmed. Aerial footage or a banner advertisement at sporting events gives a whole new angle to our most cherished sports, drives viewer engagement and can provide insights to trainers and talking points for commentators.

    An aerial view of your resort adds perspective at a fraction off the cost of hiring helicopters. Gets the best views without the high cost of alternatives.
    Together we can create an irresistible images or promotional video of the best you have to offer. Engage your clients with photo or video on social media a new promotional video with aerial shots of the golf course.

    We offer state of the art equipment with such technologies as Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) along with 4K videos and still photography. These technologies revolutionise aerial imagery.

    OJT Investigations Group has fully qualified and licensed drone operators who are qualified with CASA.