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    At OJT Investigations Group we respond to the needs and expectations of our clients at the drop of a hat, right across the globe. Our Crisis Management Team (CMT) is headed up by some of the best investigative minds in Australia, Hong Kong and the United States of America.

    To date OJT Investigations Group and our Australasian partners have handled sudden and unexpected crisis situations involving top business executives, media personalities and high income sporting celebrities. We have successfully responded to, and overcome situations whereby our clients have found themselves in a situation they couldn’t get out of alone. Such situations could include, but are not limited to;

    1. Extortion / Blackmail
    2. Stalking
    3. Threats / Safety concerns
    4. Thefts
    5. Kidnap attempt or threat of kidnap
    6. Arrests
    7. Security travel consultancy to high risk areas
    8. False or misleading media coverage
    Kidnap attempt

    Our clients don’t want media coverage. They quite often don’t want police intervention, for fear of media publicity, but they want the situation dealt with and negotiated quickly so that they can move on with their lives and continue on with their business activities. Our CMT has contacts all over the world who work closely with us to resolve these incidents. At OJT Investigations Group our contacts extend to persons with a wealth of experience in crisis negotiations including; former high ranking FBI negotiators, former high ranking military officers and other likeminded experts in the security and investigative industry.

    Our surveillance teams are ready to deploy instantly anywhere in the world, to monitor and record our targets closely so that we can gather a full intelligence background and compile full and comprehensive checks on these persons of interest.

    Surveillance is discreet and provides us with real time information as to the movements of persons who we believe may be responsible for your situation. We can provide 24 hour round the clock surveillance on these targets and ensure that there every movement is monitored closely. Part of this package is also to make sure our clients are being listened to. We carry out extensive de bugging services with the most sophisticated equipment in the world. If there is something to be found, we’ll find it…

    We can provide Close Personal Protection Teams to assist in high risk situations to travel with our client (principal) and his or her family anywhere in the world. These teams all have extensive military and police training and are also exceptional investigators in their own right. Your safety is paramount to us, and no crisis is to big to deal with, don’t let it get out of hand, call us today, and let us support you out of the situation you’ve found yourself in.

    If you have the crisis, OJT Investigations Group has the team!

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