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    Criminal Defence Investigations

    OJT Investigations Group was formed on the basis of Criminal Defence Investigations. We work actively for person that are both incarcerated or awaiting trial for allegations which have been made against them.

    We don’t provide legal advice to our clients first and foremost, however, what we do, is search for the answers our clients believe exist to either exonerate them from their conviction or allow them to pursue an appeal avenue. We have successfully worked for clients incarcerated for such offences as;

    • Homicides
    • Fraud
    • Attempted Murder
    • Extortion
    • Drug supply
    • Drug production
    • Serious Assault

    The key part of any criminal defence investigation is to have a good understanding of our client’s requirements and thoughts of the case. We are guided by their instructions, nobody knows the case better than our clients, but, will also pursue avenues of defence we believe may exist.

    We have undertaken fresh ground examinations, consulted with leading physicians on various subject matters including sleep deprivation and interview techniques adopted by law enforcement agencies whilst interviewing our clients.

    Part of our role may be to work closely with the client’s defence counsel or legal representatives in order to obtain statements not already obtained which may assist in gathering contrary evidence to the prosecution’s case.

    We are very cautious not to approach witnesses who have not yet given evidence before the court, however, if the trial has concluded we can approach these persons to ascertain further facts if required.

    We are quite often asked how much such a service costs. Our costings for each matter are very different. There is a significant difference between the complexity of a fraud matter to the complexity of a homicide matter. Each case that is brought to our attention is assessed. We don’t automatically take on every case that comes to us.

    We may turn down the matter if after assessment we don’t believe there is anyway we can assist in the matter from an investigative angle. We ensure that whatever we do At OJT Investigations Group is going to be beneficial to our client.

    Our clients are reserved Wednesdays to speak to our director who personally oversees all these investigations. Our point of difference at OJT Investigations Group is that the person who owns and runs the business also has full oversight over all the criminal defence investigations matters to ensure that expectations that have been set, are met in a timely manner.

    We are often asked to visit the gaols where our clients are housed. We often advise against this. Why? We believe that this can take up valuable investigative time and is non-productive for our clients. We are happy to meet with family matters and go through our proposals in depth. From there we ask that our clients ask for our office line to be placed on their approved call list. We can then receive incoming calls re their matters and ascertain what angles of their case they would like to review.

    At OJT Investigations Group we have a fantastic team of committed professionals, all of whom have experience in many different fields of expertise;

    • Former detectives
    • Research Analysts
    • Computer Forensic Experts
    • Former uniformed police officers
    • Former high ranking senior executive members of the police service

    We recognise that everyone in Australia is entitled to a fair trial and that evidence that has been presented before the court is not only admissible but also accurate. It is because of this that our team ensures that we remain totally impartial to the matter, giving a fair appraisal of potential outcomes to our clients and their family members.

    We are often asked if our backgrounds as police officers taints our opinions of our clients, quite the contrary, we understand that everyone deserves a fair go and that one should be treated fairly so as not to lose precious time with their loved ones outside the prison environment. We are professional investigators who served the community but also respect the need for a fair justice system where individuals accused of crimes both minor and serious are treated fairly.

    The length of these investigations differs from matter to matter. It is in our experience that matters such as homicides and complex frauds can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months depending on the work that is required. We update our clients regularly on our progress and do not make any significant investigational decisions without first liaising with our clients.

    For further information, please refer to our FAQ page which covers all aspects of our investigational services. Should you wish to book a consultation with us, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.