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    Counterfeit & I.P Investigations

    Organisations around the world are developing every day new and innovative products to sell to consumers. Everyday however, there are hundreds if not thousands of organisations that pounce on these ideas once they are released. These smaller operators look to produce fake similar like minded products at a quarter of the price, thus undermining the original product which has been brought to the market place.

    Counterfeit goods and Intellectual Property theft (I.P Theft) costs the economy in Australia alone 15 billion dollars and is a huge issue for governments and organisations to control. OJT Investigations Group is one such organisation that assisting in the fight against IP theft.

    Our Team of trained investigators has already engaged in several large an protracted IP theft investigations, ranging from multiple online purchases, to purchasing items from shops across Australia to gather evidence that such thefts are occurring.

    We have successfully aided in the conviction of IP theft of well known branded items sold right across the globe. Through the use of modern day technologies and current investigative techniques we can gather the evidence you need to put a stop to IP theft against your product in Australia.

    Negative Effects on The Counterfeit Goods on The Marketplace

    There are severe negative effects of the counterfeit goods that are entering the market. They have a devastating effect on the brand which is selling, distributing or making the product. There is no doubt in the fact that there is severe loss of sale and a reduction in the revenue of the business. Individuals or companies who are buying these duplicate products have no idea about the illegal status. In addition to this, the circulation of inferior or poor quality of products can result in a bad reputation of the original brand. Thus, there is a severe loss of business. The original brand is directly affected as the original products are viewed as the copy. Apart from the lost revenues, publicity, negative reputation, counterfeiting has an impact on the employment rates across the globe. It results in severe loss of cost of business. It is also helpful in discouraging and undermining the investments.

    The stupendous rise in the counterfeit products can result in the price hike and a loss of productivity. The counterfeits can have a negative influence on the reputation of the company as well. If there is continuous growth in counterfeiting, there is a continuous rise in the unemployment rate. The producers of counterfeiting brands make use of trademarks for distinguishing the products from the duplicate ones.

    Such copy writes are known for the creation of expectation in regards to the characteristics and quality of the concerned products. They serve as a crucial tool which is used by the consumer for the evaluation of the products. At times, the counterfeiting business makes improper use of the trademark which in turn destroys or compromises the value to the consumers and producers.

    Sophisticated counterfeiter business makes of different savvy marketing tactics for confusing consumers. The original brand has to pay a heavy price for that such as skyrocketing warranty, angry channel partners, loss of the revenue, service costs, flagging demand. There is no difference between a victimless crime and counterfeiting.

    Private Investigations of Counterfeit Goods

    If the supply or sale of counterfeit goods is influencing your legitimate business in a negative manner, you should contact us at OJT Investigations Group, we have a team of professional and experienced investigators who will resolve your issue in a reasonable time. We will have a detailed discussion about your situation, and not only try to resolve the issue, but consult with you to ensure that such acts wont occur in the future.

    We are here to find the perfect solution and obtain the evidence in accordance with your needs to ensure that such actions can be stopped.

    Counterfeiting offences can cause such a negative effect on a brand, such as; destruction of household names, failed companies and failure of the business along with the loss of customers.

    The quality of fake goods is improving with every passing day, with the improvements of developing technologies. These companies have mastered producing counterfeit goods which are indistinguishable practically from the actual object, though in most of the cases, the detailed examination of these good by trained investigators and the developers, fakes are easy to spot. As an experienced private investigation company, we stand out of the ordinary in uncovering the counterfeiting operations. Thus, we help in bringing the persons responsible for the loss of your business before the courts so that their operations are ended and the products you have developed can maintain their integrity.

    As soon as you hand over the work of finding the counterfeiting companies, our team employs several techniques for tracking down and identifying the individual who is selling the counterfeit goods. We utilize an in-depth approach to find the responsible person or organisation.

    Even in the case of offshore connection,s we take the responsibility of finding the individual team or person who exports or import the products. We complete the investigation normally by the perfect combination of undercover investigations, intelligence investigations, and surveillance. Through our network of investigators right around the globe we look to have these matters resolved quickly.

    We have an assortment of private investigators who are highly skilled in these particular investigations and know what is required of them for these matters to be brought to a close.

    Our team ensure that the organisation or persons who are responsible for carrying out the illegal or misleading activities for financial gain are uncovered and held accountable for their actions.

    Once engaged. we will listen to your issues without any judgment after which all the possible options will be discussed with you. Our Investigators will explain the process of the investigation that will take place. The key points that need to be focussed on, and what time we believe it will take for this matter to be finalised.

    At the end of the investigation, we compile comprehensive reports which you can then take to your legal team for further action. We ensure that each and every invention is carried out in a legal way and that our actions are in line with these data protection laws.