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    Bug Sweeping

    Is your business having an important board meeting? Is your CEO taking a vacation but still has to discuss work in the hotel? Is your elite sporting club talking tactics in the locker rooms?

    It’s very common now for organisations, both Government and Non-Government to have their board meeting rooms swept for covert listening devices, commonly referred to as De-Bugging.

    This can also extend to company vehicles, high performance sporting team locker rooms and executive suites where dignitaries or Government officials maybe staying whilst on a work trip or even on holiday.

    OJT Investigations Group uses state of the art equipment for De-Bugging which detects any foreign objects that maybe in existence. More often than not investigators use poor, out of date and inappropriate equipment for such an important task. The result  being that listening devices and bugs are not located and sensitive conversations are heard by those that are not entitled to listen in on sometimes very sensitive information.

    Don’t be fooled by large pieces of equipment, seek advice and guidance on what you require and ask the operator how they will carry out this task.

    At OJT Investigations Group, our team of highly trained staff from varied counter surveillance units from all over Australia specialise in this field, and provide the most professional of services using equipment worth ten’s of thousands of dollars. This is how seriously we take this work at OJT Investigations Group. We don’t wait for our equipment to become outdated and unreliable. If we see a need to upgrade or modernise, we do. A task as important as Bug Sweeping needs the upmost respect and professionalism by the provider.

    OJT Investigation Groups security technicians can also deploy anywhere in Australia and around the world to ensure that our clients living environments have not been bugged with covert listening devices. Our De Bugging Equipment is state of art and our ability to detect devices in cars, homes and offices has been totally maximised with the equipment we use to do the job. Giving our clients 100% satisfaction that we have ensured that their privacy has been maintained.

    We use a range of De Bugging Equipment to ensure that we can provide 100% satisfaction to our clients that we have from the latest Oscar technology to the most sophisticated FLIR equipment which detects everything behind your walls, plug sockets to name just a couple of places where bugs could be secreted.

    Our comprehensive physical searches during bug sweeps also allows us to ensure that we have secured the area and if needs be place security at the doors for a period of time prior to re-entry by a party attending an important meeting.

    Agencies across Australia make claims to have advanced equipment which may include the following; Microwave spectrum analyser, Broadband search receiver, Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), Nonlinear Junction Detector (NLJD), Telephone analyser oscilloscope, Digital volt/ohmmeter, Thermal imaging cameras, Oscar 5000, Wifi Explorer, Manta Ray cell detector, Wolf Hound Directions locator, Various other specialised bug sweeping and TSCM devices.

    Ensure that they explain this process in detail to you, it is very easy to present equipment that looks impressive but actually is not fit for purpose. We encourage our clients to seek out quotes and to physically sight the equipment that’s going to be used. We can guarantee, that there is no other pieces of equipment like ours at OJT Investigations Group De Bugging Service.

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    Bug Sweeping