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    Background Checks/OSINT

    At OJT Investigations Group we service both the domestic and commercial markets with our comprehensive one stop shop background checks. These checks are often referred to as Open Source Intelligence Checks in the international community (OSINT). Our checks are thorough and cover every facet of an individual’s background or in fact an entire company record check. We currently service clients in New York, London, Hong Kong, The Middle East and Europe. Time and time again our clients come back to us because their amazed at the information that we obtain through lawful means.

    In a recent survey conducted in Australia, the following results were obtained in relation to curriculum vitae’s (CV’s) and their accuracy. This survey involved the questioning of 18,000 people aged between 21 and 65 of all genders and social classes.

    The statistics are alarming, and highlight how vulnerable employers are to hiring employees whose backgrounds have been fabricated and qualifications either exaggerated or even worse made up. At OJT Investigations Group we work closely with our clients to ensure our vetting process of their new staff is both thorough and delivered in a timely manner. This ensures the hiring process is not slowed up with these necessary checks.

    We are often asked what kind of checks we do on people. These are just a few of the areas we look into to get a detailed idea of the person being requested;

    • Criminal history
    • Personal credit
    • Civil records check to include Court Writs, Court Judgements, and bankruptcies
    • Land registry checks
    • Directorships and company information
    • Social media; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc
    • Rental databases

    Its because we take this role so seriously at OJT Investigations Group, that our staff who engage in this work are from very analytical, research based and investigation based roles. We have uncovered persons who have lied about every facet of their resume and cost some small business owners thousands of dollars in loss of earnings.

    For a relatively small outlay, you can have peace of mind that the person who presents, is genuine, has integrity and possesses the right skills and qualifications to do the job you’ve hired them for.

    Our costs are competitive and ensure that your risk is minimised. Don’t let you or your company be fooled, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.