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    OJT Investigations Groups founder, Oliver Laurence is a seasoned investigator. With over a decade of investigational experience behind him in law enforcement across two States, South Australia and Queensland, Oliver’s ability to get to the bottom of the most complex matters is unquestioned.

    Oliver recognises that to ensure his clients get the best service they deserve he must utilise every skill and ability that he has developed over his career to date, to deliver results, first time, every time.

    Investigations can be lengthy, time consuming and overwhelming to the untrained and unfamiliar. Oliver ensures that his style of investigation meets all the needs and expectations of his clients. To achieve the best for his clients, Oliver uses modern day technologies to aid him in achieving his results fast, this results in keeping costs low for his clients.

    You cannot become a member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD) or the Association of British Investigators without having the support and reputation that Oliver has. When people hire a Brisbane Private Investigator they want to be able to speak with their agent and know that they are working hard to achieve outcomes in a timely manner. Oliver is that Investigator, he is available 24/7 to his Clients.
    Oliver’s empathetic and supportive approach ensures clients are treated respectfully, no matter what their enquiry or concern is. Some of Oliver’s clients have been at their most vulnerable, and sought his expertise to get to the bottom of their issue, whether it be a dishonest partner, a bullying and harassment claim or the complex investigation into a missing loved one, Oliver’s approach allows him to gather all the facts from people of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

    Oliver prides his organisation on bringing to his clients a modern, motivated, progressive and professional investigational agency, always looking to meet the needs and expectations of the client.

    Oliver is an asset to any company looking at issues of integrity and internal governance. I’ve seen Oliver work in situations where he is tried and tested by environment and circumstance, and he never failed to deliver a service and product that didn’t meet or exceed expectations.


    Oliver's Accreditations

    Oliver holds many accreditations, giving the confidence to his clients that his abilities will give them assurance that their request for assistance will be completed with the upmost professionalism.

    • Licensed Queensland Private Investigator – 4030312
    • Licensed Queensland Process Server – 4032893
    • Qualified Forensic Crash Investigator
    • Certificate III – Investigative Services
    • Certificate IV – Training & Assessment
    • Certificate IV – Government Investigations
    • Certificate III – Security Operations
    • Diploma in Policing – SA Police
    • Diploma in Policing – Qld Police
    • Degree in Social Science, Majoring in Counter Terrorism, Intelligence and Security (Currently Studying)

    Oliver's Skills

    Oliver’s skills cater for all private investigational needs:

    • Missing Persons
    • Workplace Bullying
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Infidelity
    • Employee Sickness
    • Workplace Injuries
    • Background checks
    • Surveillance
    • Thefts from the workplace
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Process Serving / Repossessions
    • General Insurance Investigations

    OJT Investigations Group Head of Research and Intelligence

    Sarah Brighton-Taylor


    Sarah has been with OJT Investigations Group since its commencement in 2015. Sarah is a licensed private investigator in her own right and has been working in the industry for approximately 35 years having worked in several Queensland investigative government departments and legal offices before moving into the private sector of investigation work.

    Sarah heads up OJT Investigations Groups research and intelligence team. Sarah oversees all due diligence examinations and background checks that come in from all over Australia and overseas.

    As a result of Sarah’s outstanding research capability, she also oversees our missing person examinations, closely reviewing online material and piecing together anything she can to assist in the finalisation of these matters for families and loved ones.

    Sarah believes in utilising modern day technologies to aid us in our investigation capabilities and continually working to ensure we can offer the best products and services to our clients through the use of online investigative tools. Sarah works closely with Matthew our head of IT operations in our research development projects.

    Sarah's Accreditations

    • BA in Criminology & Criminal Justice majoring in International Relations, Politics, Terrorism and business crime.
    • Certificate in Crime & Justice
    • Certificate III Investigative Services
    • Diploma in government investigations
    • Certificate II Security Operations

    Sarah's Skills

    • Background Checks
    • Pre Sue-Reports
    • Missing Person Investigations
    • Company checks
    • Research Projects
    • Online Research Investigations
    • Criminal Defence research
    • Research Development Projects

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